This feature is a part of Yardbook’s Premium Business Package. 

Yardbook has a Get Quote button (free feature) which you can add to your website and/or other marketing materials to capture new leads.

Over time, we have received many requests from our users wishing to further customize the Get Quote experience. For example, changing the services offered, changing the background image, etc…

As part of our premium business package, you can build a customized version of your Get Quote Experience. Contact our support team when you’re ready to get started. (email: [email protected])

Available Options

  • Customize service options, including adding new services and service icons.
  • Change background image to your preferred image.
  • Redirect to your own business webpage url when a user clicks on the business name.
  • Change the call to action from “Select a yard care…” to your own message.
  • Customize the schedule options. (Ex. hide bi-monthly option)