Employee Access: Limit Job Visibility

While Yardbook has always had the ability to limit employees’ screen access, one popular request has been to apply more restrictions around their access to jobs. We are very excited to introduce this enhancement in the latest release.

Now, admins can control if a crew member can access/view jobs which are not assigned to him/her.

A jobs is considered assigned to a user either via direct assignment, or if the the user is a part of a crew assigned to the job.

First, you need to open the Employee record. You can do this by going to the Employee list page. (Sitemap-> View All Employees). And click on the name of the Employee.


Next, click on the “Edit Access” link near the top of the page.


Next, select the “Hide Jobs Not Assigned to User” option.

Screenshot from 2016-06-01 14:42:19





That’s it. The next time this user logs into Yardbook, jobs not assigned to him/her will be hidden.