If you don’t have a public website, you can use Yardbook to quickly create a homepage for your business. In fact, this feature is an extension of the public profile page. Once you’ve created a public profile, you will automatically get a second link for your homepage.

Sample Page (click to preview)

Once you’ve created your homepage, your existing and prospective clients can engage with you directly on that homepage. They can:

  • Learn about your company history
  • Learn about your services
  • View your service area on a map
  • Write testimonials
  • See your prior work in a photo gallery
  • Request an estimate

Step 1 – Create public profile

Click on Sitemap.

Then, click on Edit Public Profile.

Follow instructions on the page to set up your public profile.

Step 2 – Get homepage link

From the public profile page, you will find a second link. This link points to your homepage.