A Product Catalog stores all the products and services you sell.  Yardbook has set up a Default Product Catalog for its Users, so that you can easily access these items for use on new jobs and invoices.  

Screenshot from 2014-11-02 22:05:50

Users can add new products or services to their Product Catalog, by using the ‘Quick add’ menu on the top of the screen.

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By  default, there are no prices on these products and services unless Users add their own pricing. This can be done either on the Invoice level or by editing the Product Catalog so that the changes carry forward on all future invoices.  

To access the Product Catalog, simply click on the ‘My Catalog’ item on the right hand menu.

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Each product or service has fields that can be edited into directly, or you can click on the ‘Edit’ button to go into further details.

There is also an ‘+Add’ button if you want to add new products or services.