Before you can assign a tax rate to a specific customer, you must set it up in your Yardbook Settings, which can be accessed using the My Company area of the Sitemap.   Go to Sitemap -> Company Profile -> Settings -> Set Up Sales Tax Rate.  Click on the green ‘+Add’ button and fill out the two required fields, ‘Tax Rate Name’  (ie: SM County) and ‘Tax %’ (ie: 9%). You may add more than one tax rate so that you can appropriately assign to different Customers as needed.  

Once you’ve added a Tax Rate to your Settings, you are ready to assign to a Customer.  Navigate to your Customer’s detail page and click on the ‘Edit’ button. Go to the Tax Rate field at the bottom of the page. (Depending on your current setting, you may need to enable ‘Show more’ to see this field). The drop down menu will now show a tax rate  that you can assign to the customer.  

Note: These tax rates will only be applied to product/services if the ‘Charge Sales Tax?’ field in the product catalog item is set to ‘Yes’.