From time to time, you may receive a check or cash for services which are not yet delivered. In this pre-pay scenario, you can create a stand-alone payment without linking it to any invoices. Yardbook will generate a customer credit based on the payment. The credit amount can be used towards any future invoices for the customer.

Steps to Record a Payment:

  1. Use the “Quick Add” menu to add a new Payment. (If you are using a mobile device, where the Quick Add is not available, you need to go to Sitemap -> View Payments -> +Payment)
  2. In the “Add a Received Payment” screen, select a customer from the customer drop-down list.
  3. Enter an amount
  4. Change Payment Method and/or Category as needed
  5. You can also enter an optional note (Ex. Customer pre-paid for April Services)
  6. Click “Save”

Once the Payment is saved, a credit for the same amount is also added to the customer record.