What is Quickbooks?

Quickbooks is a popular accounting software used by many Small/Medium sized businesses. Many Bookkeepers are very familiar with Quickbooks and like to use it for bookkeeping.

Do I need Quickbooks to use Yardbook? 

No. Yardbook works on its own. Yardbook is a business solution for the landscaping industry. We help businesses manage customers, schedule jobs, generate invoices and record payments. We also give our users the ability to record expenses. Many of our users do not use Quickbooks.

What is not supported in Yardbook?

Yardbook can be a good tool to help you prepare your profit & loss statement if you do not use Quickbooks, but it has its limitations.  Quickbooks can produce many reports to check the financial health of your business such as a Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flow, Trial Balance and Aging Reports, just to name a few.

Do you plan to integrate with Quickbooks? 

Yes. We would like to automate the syncing of Invoices and Payments from Yardbook to Quickbooks, with the click of a button. We have already started to build this feature and currently testing a beta version.