If you’d like to find out which service(s) and/or product(s) are generating the most revenue, you can simply look at your Product and Service Report. You can choose a time period and the report will sum up all your sales based on the services and products.

To view the report, simply navigate to the sitemap and click on the “Product and Service Report” link.

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By default, the ‘Invoiced’ method will include invoices which are in “Pending Payment” or “Paid” status.

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Selecting the ‘Collected’ method will include invoices which have a “Paid” status.

Then, select a start date and end date, and click on “Generate Report”.

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Once the report has been generated, you can view how much you have invoiced based on different products or services. You can also see the percentage of each product/service from the total amount in the time period.

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