Navigate to the My Company section of the Sitemap -> Employees -> Add.
This will take you to the add employee page. (Note: If you are using a tablet or desktop, you can use the Quick Add menu to add a new employee.)


  • The required fields for an Employee record are: First Name, Last Name and Email. However, you can also enter additional information such as contact info, birthdate, date hired, chemical license#, salary info, as well as adding the employee to an existing crew. Some of these fields require you to enable the Show more mode first.
  • Once you’ve entered the information, click “Save”.
  • After you have added an employee to Yardbook, you can assign the employees to different activities like jobs and tasks.
  • By default, a new employee does not have login access to Yardbook. You can setup access for your employees by following one of the FAQs below: