1. Customer Management Overview Video

FAQs and Tutorials

  1. Import Customers from csv or excel files
  2. Create Customers with multiple Properties
  3. Add a Customer who is a Property Manager
  4. View Customer Timeline
  5. View Customer’s Billing History
  6. Manage a potential Customer
  7. Quickest way to find a Customer from any page
  8. Search Customers from a Phone #
  9. Add tags to my Customers
  10. Add photos to my Customers
  11. Add an Attachment
  12. See the Last Serviced Date for all my Properties
  13. Send a receipt to my Customer
  14. Sort my Customers by Last Name
  15. Inactivate a Customer record
  16. Print Mailing Labels
  17. Auto-complete Customer Address or Enter Manually
  18. Mailchimp Integration