Here is a video tutorial on the Price Per Cut feature.

You can set up a different price per cut for each of your Customers.  Navigate to the Customers View by clicking on the ‘Customers’ link on the left side navigation bar and click into a Customer Detail  There is a Properties list close to the top of the page. You can set up price per cut for each of the Properties here, simply by editing the ‘Price/Cut’ Box.

After this is done, each time you add a line item to an Estimate or an Invoice for that Customer, the per cut prices will show up in the Product Catalog. 

In addition, if you are using the Jobs feature, simply select the Property for which you’ve defined the price per cut, and add the ‘Grass Cutting’ service while you’re creating the job. When the Job is later converted into an Invoice, the ‘Grass Cutting’ service will be automatically added with the corresponding cut price for that property. Note: You must choose the ‘Grass Cutting’ service as your line item.