First, you need to ensure the Product/Service you’ve selected from the Catalog is set up to charge a sales tax. Navigate to the My Company section of the Sitemap -> Catalog -> View Catalog.  Each Catalog Item has a field titled ‘Charge Sales Tax?’.  Simply set this field to ‘Yes’ for the appropriate Product/Service(s). 

Note: Yardbook still needs to know what the local tax rate is for these items.  Be sure that  you have set up your Company’s local tax rates (Sitemap -> Company Profile -> Settings -> Set Up Sales Tax Rate) and that the Customer has been assigned the appropriate rate.  You can assign a Customer a tax rate by navigating to their Customer Details Page, clicking the blue ‘Edit’ button, and scrolling down to the ‘Tax Rate’ field.  (Note: You must have enabled ‘Show More’ Mode).  

If you have not created any local tax rates, you can also edit the default tax value for any given Product/Service.  Simply go to the Product/Service and edit the ‘Tax%’ field if/as needed.  Note: if the Customer has already been assigned a tax rate, it will override the default tax rate in the Catalog.