FAQs and Tutorials

  1. Different ways to generate invoices
  2. Send invoices to the customers
  3. Print multiple invoices at once
  4. Email multiple invoices in one batch
  5. View Invoices according to status
  6. Find the send date of an email
  7. Set a past due amount on an Invoice
  8. Invoice delivery preference for each customer
  9. Delete an invoice
  10. Add an attachment
  11. Apply a credit to an invoice
  12. Recurring invoice
  13. Track Email Delivery
  14. Automatically copy product descriptions to invoices

Invoice Customization

  1. Change the background of my invoices
  2. Make my logo bigger or smaller
  3. Use a double window envelope and provide a payment stub
  4. Center my logo on my invoices
  5. Change the default email messages
  6. Display email, url or fax#
  7. Add multiple service addresses and/or service dates to an invoice
  8. Set up default payment terms
  9. Add service details or terms